DIA is aware of a significant NDIS payment / fund release issue impacting Plan Managers. DIA has received a significant volume of escalations from Plan Managers this morning indicating that that NDIA has not released the funds for a significant volume of claims overnight.

Based on current escalations DIA believes that this is impacting around $30M to $40M in claims, however this could be higher as escalations are continuing to come in.

A number of Plan Managers have indicated that they have only received claim funds for Participants in NSW with all other states not being paid. This issue does not appear to be impacting all Plan Managers, however we encourage all Plan Managers to undertake a reconciliation of overnight claims and funds releases to see if they are impacted.

If you are a Plan Manager impacted by this issue please contact DIA’s CEO Office as a matter of urgency by emailing

This issue will have an impact on Participants and Service Providers as it is investigated and a solution found. We ask that NDIS Participants and Service Providers be mindful of this issue and recognise that this issue beyond the Plan Managers control and all possible steps are being undertaken to ensure it is resolved quickly.


  1. 6/12/23 at 11:30am: DIA has escalated this matter urgently to the NDIA and will provide further information as it becomes available.
  2. 6/12/23 at 5:00pm: The NDIA has confirmed to DIA in writing that they are aware of the issues and investigating it as a priority and will provide DIA with a further update tomorrow (7/12/23).
  3. 7/11/23 at 7:30am: DIA members have notified DIA that multiple payments have been made by the NDIA overnight. This would indicate that the NDIA have ‘fixed’ the issue however it will take some time for Plan Managers to reconcile these payments to know for sure.
  4. 7/11/23 at 9:30am: NDIA have advised the payments which did not progress to payment on 5 December were included in the same ‘run’ as payment requests made on 6 December.



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