DIA’s Annual Price Review Submission. DIA continues to lobby for more adequate pricing based around issues with the assumptions that underpin Support Coordination & Plan Management pricing limits.

In many cases these assumptions remain devoid of the actual costs that providers incur and are being made worse by inflation running at well over seven per cent.

Further prices must reflect the impacts of changes to practice standards, introduction of portable long service leave programs, inflationary pressures, PACE Introduction as well and a drive to increase quality.

DIA is pleased to present this submission which reviews last year’s NDIA Annual Price Review and sets out a methodology and assumptions of a Cost Model for Plan Management and Support Coordination supports to inform and guide the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) pricing decisions for these supports.

DIA has presented five recommendations:

1. Increase Support Coordination Price Limits

2. Include Support Coordination in the NDIS Bereavement Addendum

3.Increase Plan Management Price Limits

4. Reconsider last year’s decision regarding plan managers ability to claim for a set-up fee where a plan is extended.

5. Implement a Technology Transitional Loading, Payment or Similar



The NDIA has confirmed that they are happy to continue to receive letters of support. Please follow the instructions in the letter of support should you wish to submit one.



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