DIA acknowledges the pricing relief that many with in the disability sector have welcomed, however this has not been delivered to Support Coordinators and Plan Managers.

Since the 2022/23 NDIS Price Guide and accompanying report from this year’s Annual Price Review was released by the NDIA on Wednesday, DIA has spoken with hundreds of our members on the impact of the NDIA’s decision to again freeze Support Coordination (Levels 2 and 3) and Plan Management prices for the third successive year in a row, a price cut in real terms.

Our members have expressed in frustration, fear, desperation and distress that this pricing decision will force them to exit the supports they provide directly impacting participants, their employee’s and their own livelihoods.

It is extremely difficult for DIA to hear these impacts, however please know we are are here to support you.

DIA hears you, we feel your pain and we stand with you.

The DIA Board met today, Friday 24 June, to discuss the realities of the NDIA pricing decisions. There is much work to do and the DIA Board wants to capture the impacts you are facing. The DIA Board invites Support Coordinators and Plan Managers to share with us the reals impacts you face.

DIA will continue to work through the Annual Price Review in detail and will provide further regular updates over the coming days and weeks as we work through this matter.

Whilst difficult to express, DIA must remind providers who plan to exit and cease delivering services to NDIS Participant that they have obligations under the NDIS Commission regardless if you are registered or not. If you are in this position, please contact DIA directly at info@intermediaries.org.au for support.