DIA in partnership with our hosts, successfully conducted the first Support Coordination National Summit, with approximately 200 in attendance.  We shared success stories, and broke down the practical detail of each and every one: the NDIS policy that made it possible, the step by step process to get there, how it was claimed in plans and the tips and tricks for easing through barriers (real or perceived) from participants, nominees, providers, plan managers, LACs and the NDIA.

The summit consited of:

4 feature case studies
Detailed examples of people who have used their NDIS funds creatively for some amazing outcomes.

5 short power studies
Short and sweet case studies from around the country of outstanding Coordination.

Networking opportunities
The chance to celebrate and learn with your fellow Support Coordinators.

Not able to attend?

Download our event stories and insights


DIA would like to extend a huge thank you to our hosts.


Sam is known as one of Australia’s foremost experts on the NDIS and has worked in the disability sector for 17 years. She parents two young people who between them have extra disability, education and health needs, and is a strong believer in building inclusive communities for all.




Evie is a true NDIS nerd and a big believer in the power of Support Coordinators to make the potential of the Scheme a reality. She has trained over 2,000 Support Coordinators around Australia since 2015 and has been influential in shaping the sector’s understanding of best practice.