Disability Intermediaries Australia  (DIA) are calling out the government’s NDIS Annual Pricing Review for being a ‘kick in the guts’ for Australians with disability and quality disability services across the country and accused the NDIA of ‘incompetence’ in managing the pricing process.

The NDIS Annual Pricing Review announced today is devoid of reality and continues to encourage a reduction of service quality. For half a decade Support Coordination (Level 2 and Level 3) and Plan Management pricing has been frozen. This decision of the NDIA Board and Government has plunged our sector into crisis.

On this Pricing decision CEO of DIA Mr Jess Harper said:

“This pricing decision fails again to recognise the increased costs of operating in the current economy. This pricing decision will result in the closures of quality, genuine service providers.

This decision is simply indefensible. Keeping prices fixed for half a decade at pre-pandemic levels despite inflation, award wage increases and operating cost pressures is irresponsible and reckless.”

This pricing decision will leave participants without the supports they depend on, at the same time as criminals are taking advantage of the scheme to deprive people with disability of the funds needed for their support. The Government has stated that quality providers should not need to compete with frauds or criminal, however today decisions clearly shows that the NDIS has little regard for quality service providers.

The government is kicking both people with disabilities and service providers in the guts by not addressing known and accepted pricing errors over recent years. The NDIA has refused to develop a cost model for Support Coordination and Plan Management and is clearly utilising extremely flawed, thin and misleading data to justify its position.

During a cost of living crisis where the cost of operating is rising, government is yet again cutting funds available to pay for disability services. For the past five year it’s been cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.

Quality Support Coordination and Plan Management providers have taken to Social Media including LinkedIn to express their outrage. NDIS Review Panel Member and Executive Director of Community Connections & My Choice My Support – Dougie Herd posted:

CEO of Future Focus Support Coordination – Keeley Goldrick posted:

The timing of the release of the pricing announcement on the Friday before it takes effect also gives our members no time to update their systems for 1 July or to ensure participants have certainty in managing their costs for next week.

The continued mismanagement of price setting arrangements timing along with the bureaucratic and wilful disregard for quality services provision shows that the NDIA lacks the competence to administer the NDIS Price Review.

Today’s announcement confirms that independent price setting is the only way forward for quality and sustainable disability supports.

DIA developed a joint statement with other provider associations and the major unions that called on government to commit to a new era of better pricing for all NDIS stakeholders.

Unlike much of the recent media reporting of overcharging and NDIS prices being above those of Non-NDIS Services, Intermediary Supports like Support Coordination and Plan Management are caped at prices below what other schemes (Aged Care, TAC, iCare and even the NDIA’s own LAC program) pay for similar services.

Some people might find this news to be extremely distressing. If you are in personal crisis Call 13 11 14 for 24/7 for lifeline. If life is in danger, call 000.

DIA stands with our members at this time and will provide further information and updates in the coming days.





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