Disability Intermediaries Australia has learned that the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) intends to announce tomorrow, Monday 1st March 21, that the ability for participants to use their CORE funds flexibly to engage a Support Coordinator will be extended until the end of March 2021.

DIA understands that the NDIA has extended this funding flexibility to give appropriate time for participants to transition to alternative support arrangements and/or seek a light touch plan review from the NDIA.

Whilst DIA believes that this flexibility should remain ongoing, DIA welcomes this decision and will work with the NDIA and Support Coordinators to conduct as smooth a transition as possible.

DIA would like to thank our members and the broader Support Coordination sector for their support as we have worked to try are resolve this matter with the NDIA and Government.

On this extension, Disability Intermediaries Australia CEO, Mr Jess Harper said

“Whilst we would prefer this flexibility to remain ongoing as originally expressed by the NDIA, we welcome this decision to give reasonable time for Support Coordinators to work with participants to seek a ‘light touch’ plan review, change of circumstances or transition to alternative support arrangements.”

The NDIA has published this announcement on their website and can be found here.