DIA has learned this evening (5:21pm Wednesday 24 February 21) that the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) intends to announce tomorrow morning, Thursday 25th February 21, that the ability for participants to use their CORE funds flexibly to engage a Support Coordinator will cease on 28 February 21, just 2 business days from now.


DIA has not been consulted on this significant change of position by the NDIA. The NDIA only confirmed this decision to remove this flexibility upon our enquiries, after DIA requested confirmation that such action was being undertaken by the NDIA.

Further, DIA is not aware of any consultation of engagement with participants who have been using their CORE funds to access Support Coordination. 



The negative impact to participants and Support Coordinators on this change will be profound:

  1. To ask that Support Coordinators transition and cease services to participants with less than 2 business days of formal notice is unrealistic, unfair and in some cases unsafe, resulting in poor continuity of support and diminished outcomes for participants.


  2. Participants that had original plans specifically containing funds for Support Coordination within their Capacity Building budget and whom have consumed all of these funds maybe (a big MAYBE) able to request the NDIA to conduct a ‘light touch’ plan review to increase funds for Support Coordination to ensure continued support, however there is no commitment or guarantee from the NDIA that this will be made available and in what time frame this might occur in. Given the number of participants affected DIA would assume there will be backlogs created for such a process should it be made available.


  3. Participants with original plans that did not have funding specifically listed within Capacity Building for Support Coordination will not be able to go through a ‘light touch’ plan review and will require the participant to undertake a full plan review. Unfortunately, there are limited ways in which a participant can request an early plan review. Generally, a participant would lodge a “Change of Circumstances” however in past situations like this, where support claiming rules have changed, the NDIA has not been accepted these requests as warranting a plan review or change as it doesn’t appear to meet the criteria of a ‘change of circumstance’. 
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  4. DIA is aware of numerous examples where participants have been told during planning meetings and by LAC’s that Support Coordination has not been funded within a participant’s plan, but not to worry – they can use their CORE funds to purchase this support flexibly should they need extra assistance to navigate the NDIS, connect with supports, establish those supports and ensure those supports continue to deliver outcomes for the participants.


  5. DIA has heard from some of its members who have indicated that it will affect anywhere from 10% to 30% of the participants they support. The administrative burden to just inform these participants within two business days is unreasonable let alone transition and cease support and cancel case conferences etc.

At the time of writing this, DIA has not been able to confirm with the NDIA its process for dealing with these and many other matters and issues associated with the removal of Support Coordination claiming from CORE budgets.

At a time when the NDIA is seeking to increase plan flexibility and to make it easier for participants to purchase the support and services they need, we question why NDIA would remove one of the few opportunities for flexibility that currently exist?



DIA has called on the NDIA to stop this process and engage with the peak body for Support Coordination (DIA) as well as with participants to understand why this change is being made and how, if required, such a transition can be made in a safe and appropriate manner.



  1. We would like to hear from all Support Coordinators, how this will affect you? We have launched a quick survey that will help DIA to understand the impact of this on you and your participants. CLICK HERE
  2. Share this link with the participants you support, it’s for a survey where they can lodge their views on this change and let us know how it will impact them. https://bit.ly/2NTssGD


If this issue is important to you and the participants you support please tell the NDIA what impact this will have on your participants. We are asking all Support Coordination Providers to:

  1. Email or call, their NDIA Provider Relationship Manager to inform them of the impact this decision will bring – please cc info@intermediaries.org.au to ensure we are able to see and support you with these impacts; and/or
  2. Email provider.support@ndis.gov.au and cc info@intermediaries.org.au where you have not been issued with a Provider Relationship Manager.