The NDIA released two consultation papers this week, “An Ordinary Life at Home” and “Supporting you make your own decisions” , as part of its work on the Home and Living Policy and supporting participants in making their own decisions. The consultation papers were developed in conjunction with the NDIA’s Independent Advisory Council (IAC), participants, nominees, families and carers through the NDIS Participant Reference Group, as well as a range of stakeholders.

Regarding the Home and Living consultation, IAC Member Dr. Leighton Jay commented:

“I encourage everyone to see this as a genuine opportunity to contribute to developing the NDIA’s Home and Living policy. We want to hear your thoughts and views and I can assure you that the Reference Group will include them as we continue to work in partnership with the Agency to finalise the policy. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share them with us.”

Whilst the CEO of Down Syndrome Australia (DSA),Dr Ellen Skladzien, welcomed the Supported Decision Making paper commenting:

“This policy is a step forward in ensuring that people with a disability get a say in the choices that impact their lives.

“It is based on the important principle that every person has the right to be involved in decision making about their own life and works to identify the support individuals may need to be involved in their own decisions.

DIA encourages our members and participants to complete the survey’s so the NDIA receives the views and experiences from the disability community in shaping future policy of where you live, who you live with, how best you are to be supported at home and the support to make decisions that affect your life.  

The consultation period runs for 10 weeks and the survey’s can be accessed via: NDIA Survey on Home and Living Policy and NDIA Survey on Supported Decision Making.