From Sunday 25 October 2020, Registered Plan Management Providers will need to include the Australian Business Number (ABN) of providers when submitting a payment claim. DIA has been engaging with the NDIA on this matter to ensure market considerations are recognised.

The myplace provider portal will be updated with:

  • a new column ‘ABN of Support Provider’ in the bulk payment request CSV file; and
  • a new ABN field in the single payment request file.

ABNs are not mandatory for all businesses, so plan managers will have the option to select an ‘ABN Not Available’ checkbox for single payment requests or leave the field blank for bulk payment requests.


To prepare for this change, the DIA recommends that plan managers update their systems and processes as needed.

The new Bulk Payment Request template (CSV) can be downloaded from the of the NDIS website.

The new template will not be accepted by the myplace provider portal prior to 25 October 2020.

DIA has sort clarity from the NDIA and can confirm:

  • The current/old bulk upload template (CSV) will still be accepted for a period of time after the 25th October 2020 to allow for RPMPs to transition to the new CSV file;
  • Valid payments from providers without ABNs will not be rejected as a result of this system change;
  • The ABN number for the provider of service should be entered as 11 digits with no spaces when making payment requests via the Portal or Bulk Upload process.


DIA has been engaging with the NDIA on this matter to ensure market considerations are recognised.

This change does not affect the delivery of services and plan-managed participants can continue to choose from registered and unregistered providers. This update will improve reporting and payments intelligence and provide valuable insight for future improvements for NDIS providers.

Further, this change will facilitate the NDIA to see the scale and depth of the ‘un-registered’ market. This will provider the NDIA with a clear view of the role and importance of RPMPs.