The NDIA have been developing a new CRM system based on Salesforce that they call “PACE”. The intention is that PACE will replace the current SAP based CRM system which we know has been far from ideal. Whilst DIA supports the introduction of a new NDIA system, let’s be honest the current system is horrendous and does not befit a scheme of the scale or complexity as the NDIS, there are risks and DIA like many in the sector are very nervous given the risks.

What you need to know

  • The NDIA has made the decision to delay the full rollout of its new customer relationship management system and portals, PACE, until at least February 2024. Instead taking a slower and more staged approach to expansion.
  • The NDIA originally planned the PACE rollout to commence in June, then September before pushing this back until the end of October.
  • DIA, providers and participants have repeatedly raised serious concerns since the forced trial commenced in Tasmania in November last year.
  • DIA is pleased that the NDIA have recognised that it needs more time to make critical system improvements for both participants and providers.

Following ongoing advocacy and escalation of issues from DIA and others, the NDIA will implement a staged approach to transition, with full national rollout to commence from February next year.

The planned staged expansion will be rolled out as per the below:

  • From 31 October, participants getting a NDIS plan for the first time will have their plan built in PACE.
  • From 31 October, any existing participant who has an identified change of circumstance or support needs will have their plan reassessment completed in PACE.
  • Between November 2023 and late February 2024, any participant who has a plan that expires will be contacted, and either:
    • If no change is required, their plan will be ‘rolled over’ in SAP and then be transitioned to a PACE plan at the expiry of the rollover period (or sooner, if a change of circumstances arises).
    • If changes are required to their plan, a new plan will be built in PACE.
  • From the end of February 2024, all expiring plans will progressively transition into a plan built in PACE.

The NDIA have published the numbers of NDIS Participants expected to roll into PACE in each month from November to February:

DIA urges all Plan Managers, Support Coordinators and Psychosocial Recovery Coaches  to prepare for the national rollout of PACE — particularly unregistered support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches who are required to set up access to PACE.

The NDIA provides the latest PACE updates on its website.

All DIA members will be supported and should you run into any issues during the introduction of the PACE System please reach out to us ( for support. 

DIA is a members-based organisation. We are only able to do the work that we do because of the ongoing support of our members. Thank you to all DIA members that continue to support the work we do. If your a provider delivering Support Coordination or Plan Management are not yet a member, you should consider joining.