The NDIA commence their STAGED PACE NATIONAL EXPANSION on the 30 OCT 2023. DIA members and the wider intermediaries sector have been experiencing some challenges. We have created the DIA PACE ISSUES ESCALATION process to support Plan Managers, Support Coordinators and Psychosocial Recovery Coaches to resolve issues impacting them.

This escalation process is used to provide details of a systemic issue you are having with the PACE system and does not replace the issue resolution through the NDIA. This is not the place to lodge new issues in the first instance – please contact the NDIA via the NCC (1800 Number) first to lodge a ticket and receive support.

This is where you have tried all other avenues to address and fix the issue but are not getting a result.

Please read through the list of resources below to see if your query or issue can be resolved. These resources can be utilised for self-service resolution of most issues.


STEP 1 – Rescources to try self solving the issue first

PACE for Providers Page

My NDIS Provider Portal Rescources

Claims and Payments Rescources

General FAQs

STEP 2 – Lodge the issue directly with the NDIA


STEP 3 – Escalation via DIA

  • If you are a Plan Manager, Support Coordinator or Psychosocial Recovery Coaches and have completed STEP 1 and STEP 2, and it has been more that 5 working days you can escalate the issue to DIA by clicking the link below and answering 12 quick questions. With your permission DIA will lodge this escalation with the NDIA.

All DIA members will be supported and should you run into any issues during the introduction of the PACE System please reach out to us (info@intermediaries.org.au) for support. 

DIA is a members-based organisation. We are only able to do the work that we do because of the ongoing support of our members. Thank you to all DIA members that continue to support the work we do. If you’re a provider delivering Support Coordination or Plan Management are not yet a member, you should consider joining.